About Us

La Covadonga Mexican Textiles

It is one of the most important Textile companies in Mexico, more than 40 years of experience that support us in the manufacture, distribution and export of Mexican textile articless.

We currently export to Latin America, the United States, Europe, Oceania and Asia

Our products are textile handicrafts made with people from the region supporting the economy of our state and country. Each garment we make is special and unique that represents the essence of Mexico. "Their value is incalculable.".

Every purchase you make is helping many Mexican families earn an honest living, giving education and food to their family. Thank you for making your next purchase!


Our mission

To offer our customers items with the highest quality and an excellent professional service that starts from a customs, insurance, land, sea or air transport, labeling and packaging according to the specific characteristics of our consumers .


"Our main raw material is the acrylic and clean polyester national cloth that is used for the elaboration of all the articles that we manufacture with a proportion of 50% acrylic and 50% polyester or 100% acrilán .." If you want some product with another type of material or design. We can develop it.

Production capacity

"Our production capacity is 20,000 pieces or 28,000 kilos per month. Each product is in packages of 25 pieces with five different colors. If you want a packaging or labeling with different characteristics can be considered without any problem. "

Delivery and Shipping

"The delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the volume of purchase and starts from your order of confirmation. As well, prices are subject to change without notice. However, we offer discounts according to the quantity of pieces to buy or according to the conditions of payment. ".