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  • Delivery and Shipping

    Delivery time is 8 business days after authorization order

    Our production capacity is 20,000 pieces or 28,000 kilos per month..

  • Authorized Sales Advisors

    Karina Lozada Cell: 246 127 61 61

    Cristina Sánchez Cell: 246 133 68 01

    Karla Hernández Cell: 246 132 30 92

About us?

La Covadonga Mexican Textiles

The Covadonga Textiles Mexicanos is one of the most important textile companies in Mexico. It has several independent distribution zones such as Puebla, Tlaxcala, Edo de México and Monterrey. They are more than 40 years of experience that support us in the manufacture, distribution, export and commercialization of typical Mexican textile articles like blankets, quilts, typical carpets and home textiles.